Is Rabat Morocco worth visiting in 2024-2025

Is Rabat Morocco worth visiting in 2024-2025

Is Rabat Morocco worth visiting

Is Rabat Morocco worth a visit in 2024-2025 Rabat is not a village in the mountains; it is a quiet city where the royal family lives most of the year and is full of unique small sites and activities. Rabat is worth a visit because there are many places and things to do in Rabat.

Information about tourism in the city of Rabat The city of Rabat is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Morocco, as it contains many attractive sights and famous tourist places where Islamic, Andalusian and European culture are mixed, giving them a unique character.

what to see in rabat in one day in 2024-2025

Located on the West Atlantic Coast at the mouth of the Abu ruqraq River, Rabat dates back to the seventeenth century and today is a modern and western city that preserves many of its traditional landmarks, offering a show that attracts many tourists with charming places worth visiting and a large number of leisure activities.

Rabat's small size makes it easy to explore in a day, whether you visit on a day trip from Casablanca or Fez or while passing through as part of a tour of Morocco's imperial cities. One day is just enough time to explore the old medina, visit the Hassan Tower, and browse the souks.

The best tourist places in Rabat Morocco

In Rabat there are many sights that attract a large number of tourists annually, as well as natural places that include a green art painting of spacious places with picturesque landscapes, and some of the best tourist places in Rabat Morocco are the following:

1- Al Hassan Tower

El Hassan Tower is one of the best tourist places in Rabat This tower is considered one of the most important and famous monuments in Rabat, the tower is located above the mouth of the Abu regri River and is about 44 meters high and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

This tower was part of a unified project to build the second largest mosque in the world, but Sultan Yaqub Mansur died before the construction was completed, and the mosque was then destroyed in an earthquake in 1755 and today only this tower and a set of columns remain standing from its original construction.

2-Abu ruqraq River

The Abu raqrak River is one of the best tourist places in Rabat  The city of Rabat, Morocco, is located at the confluence of the Abu ruqraq river with the Atlantic Ocean.this end forms an enclave of great beauty in which, on the one hand, the outlines of the buildings of the Kasbah of wadaya stand out, while on the other hand, the silhouette of the walls of Sala dominates.On this river you can enjoy a river boat tour that will bring you closer to these monuments or take a walk along the piers and admire the picturesque views.

3-Kasbah Al-wadaya

Kasbah El wadaya is one of the best tourist places in Rabat   In this wonderful place you can enjoy wandering through many narrow streets and labyrinths that will make you feel like you are in a different city, which is an integral part of the layout of the Moroccan capital, which consists of houses painted in a distinctive blue color on white, forming a very picturesque complex, and from its corners and squares you can see the sea in all its splendor.

This neighborhood is built on a part of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by walls dating back to the XI century, and from this construction, which is one of the best tourist attractions in Rabat, you will get a distinctive view of the most beautiful panoramic views of the area.

4-Rabat beaches

Rabat beaches are one of the tourist places in Rabat
The city of Rabat is located on the Atlantic coast and has its own beaches, which are often visited by its citizens, especially when the temperatures are more severe.

5-The ancient city

The Old City is one of the best tourist places in Rabat  As in the rest of the major cities in Morocco, the Moroccan capital Rabat has its own city, but a small one, well preserved with walls, both from Andalusia and the Almohads, and in the Old City there is the Jewish Quarter and the market where you can find everything, especially the traditional handicrafts that characterize the culture of the city.

Although it is not its largest city, Rabat is the capital of Morocco and the Royal City. Nowadays Rabat is known as the' Washington ' of North Africa, because of its parks, streets, monuments, embassies and government buildings, and is also the seat of the royal family.

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