Is Dakhla Morocco worth visiting in 2024-2025

Is Dakhla Morocco worth visiting in 2024-2025

Is Dakhla Morocco worth visiting

Is Dakhla Morocco worth a visit in 2024-2025.Considered a haven of peace between the lake and the ocean, Dakhla is 400 kilometers from the Mauritanian border and the gates of the Moroccan desert. Visit Dakhla to discover the most beautiful seascapes in the south of Morocco! On your agenda: swimming, fishing, relaxation, banquets, walks, outdoor activities.

best things to do in dakhla morocco in 2023-2024

The city of Dakhla is one of the southern cities in Morocco, which is famous among the well-known tourist destinations in the country due to the nature of the charming beaches located there, being located along the Atlantic Ocean, where tourists from individuals, groups and families go to enjoy their summer vacations by relaxing on the beach and doing interesting activities, which include surfing, playing beach ball and scuba diving. One of the most prominent beaches in the city is Puerto Rico beach, and Dragon island is known in the city as one of the charming natural destinations, in addition to the white dunes and many other natural attractions that can be explored.

What can be visited in Dakhla

For the most popular places in Dakhla

  • White dunes
  • Dragon island
  • Soulful music
  • Puerto Rico Beach
  • Water sports

There is also a fishing port in the city of Dakhla in the Moroccan desert, which is one of the largest fishing ports in the Kingdom, and its waters are famous for fresh and delicious fish, which makes visiting the port and tasting local fish a great experience for visitors.

Among other places to visit in the city, there is the Dakhla Museum of folk arts and traditions, which contains a large collection of tools, costumes and jewelry that represent the cultural heritage of the region, as well as the famous fish market, which is a popular destination for lovers of Fish and fresh seafood.

There are also many restaurants and cafes in the city offering local delicacies and desserts, and visitors can enjoy the picturesque views of the city and the sea by sitting in one of these restaurants.

Dakhla also offers many opportunities for water sports, and visitors can enjoy fishing, diving, boating and other fun water activities.To experience the local culture, visitors can visit the Dakhla museum to learn about the history, culture and maritime traditions of the city, as well as restaurants serving delicious local cuisine, including fresh fish and seafood.

Also in the city there are many hotels and tourist resorts that provide excellent services to tourists, ranging from luxury hotels to budget hotels, hostels and hotel apartments.Dakhla is mainly famous for marine products, where the tables of the peninsula celebrate and attach special importance to oysters, lobsters and humpbacks, and there is a large oyster farm in its lagoon. 

As for the sea bay, it, in turn, is rich in lobsters and langoustines. With all its red, green and royal colors .

Visitors can take a tour of the city, get acquainted with the daily life of local residents, visit markets and shops that offer local products and wonderful handicrafts.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the city, especially when they lie on the beach at night and admire the beauty of the sky and the Stars, which makes it an ideal destination for lovers and couples.

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